Monday, February 19, 2007

Powder and Detail and Kabuki, Oh My! How to choose and use my brushes?

One of the unique features of mineral makeups is that they come in powder form rather than the liquid foundations many of us may be used to. And with powdered makeups come the need to learn about various makeup brushes. So, if you are wondering what the brushes are all about, here's a quick explanation about a few of the most common brushes, created by my friend Teresa:

Kabuki Brush - Foundation, Mineral Veil, Bronzers - Use to belnd and buff your entire face for a perfect finish.

Powder Brush - Foundation, Powder Me Again, Bronzers, Shimmer Powders, Blush

Powder Dispensing Brush
- Fill with foundation, veils, blush

Chisel Brush - concealers, eye shadows and foiling the eye shadows, lips

Angle Brush - eyeliners, detailed shimmer powders and eye shadows

Detail Brush - eyeliners, lip liners, detail with eye shadows

Oval Lip Brush - Lip Products

Smudgers - for smudging eye liners and eye shadows right around the eyes, used a lot in smokey looks.

Pro Spoolie
- (looks like a mascara brush) eyelashes and great for brushing and grooming (with a little hair spray, gel, etc) eyebrows into shape. Also, to remove powders trapped on eyebrows.

Fan Brushes - Use for blush on cheeks, foundation, etc. These should not move your foundation after it has been applied. Use with shimmers or bronzers also to highlight or contour the face.

Friday, February 16, 2007

"You're Blushing!"

Here's a wonderful article full of beauty tips and tricks, from Brio Magazine. Enjoy You're Blushing! Know of other helpful articles or links for beauty both inside and out? Please reply and share the treasures you have found.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Welcome to "Inner Beauty"

What started out as selling gentle, quality makeup that is great for young skin at affordable prices, has quickly has grown into a mother's passion to teach girls that beauty is much more than skin deep. This "Inner Beauty Blog" is dedicated in loving memory to our first daughter, Noel, who would be entering her "tween" years now. It is joyfully created in partnership with Noel's little sister, our own "Little Princess." To find out more about the concept of Inner Beauty, please visit my Affordable Mineral Makeup websites at and myAdult Inner Beauty Blog too.

Much more information and a ton of great links will be added to this blog in the days to come. Please come back and visit often! And don't forget to "subscribe" to the feed so that you always know when new posts are made.